About Me

  • Christina Song

Hello! My name is Christina Song, and I am a nineteen-years old. I am attending Boston University right now as a sophomore studying in our School of Communication with a specialization in Advertising.

Although I lived most of my life in Seoul, South Korea, I was born in Manhattan, New York. Having lived my infancy and most of my childhood in the states allowed me to experience the Western education system. So, even after moving back to Korea, I attended an international school in South Korea. This makes me a third-culture kid.

Because of this kind of background, I was able to experience the best of both worlds. I was immersed in both the cultures of the United States and South Korea. I've also been to a lot of different countries or different parts of the US. With this website, I wanted to share my experience, especially that of food, locations I love to visit, weather, and beautiful scenery. With the pictures that I've taken, I try to visualize my experience and let the pictures speak for itself rather than writing too many words that distract the visitors from enjoying the images.

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