South Korea.

I grew up in South Korea so this country is very dear to my heart.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea is a very vibrant and fast-paced city where night-life is very prominent. Because Seoul doesn't have as much land as any other countries in the United States, everything is very compact. You step out of a store, there's another store right next doors.

Driving would be even inconvenient for young college students like us. Taking the public transportation isn't a big deal. You walk into a subway station and observe the map, then it wouldn't be too hard. The subway and bus systems in Korea are very well-coordinated and accurate. You wouldn't need to worry about missing an unexpectedly fast subway or wait for a bus to come without knowing when it'll arrive.

There are so many good restaurants and cafes. Honestly, I think that Seoul is one of the most innovative and modern cities.

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